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Natural Moisturizing Hemp Body Butter | natural skin care made for SKIN

Hemp Moisturizing Body Butter


No spill, super soft and natural.

Canadian Hemp Seed Oil is infused into a rich butter base loaded with nourishing oils.


When I was looking for a Hemp Lotion that I could take on the go - to the cottage or gym - I knew it had to be convenient, no-spill and moisturizing.


There was no way I was going to compromise on softness just because I didn't want a little lotion to spill. Blending oils, vitamin e into a natural base of beeswax and shea butter was the answer.


Using only essential oils for great scents (or if you choose, you can go scent free) means you're likely to find the Hemp Moisturizing Body Butter that's right for you.

I blended quality Hemp Seed OI

Sometimes your skin just needs a little bit more. Local beeswax and rich cocoa butter create a silky, luxurious texture in our Lavender Earl Grey Body Butter - perfect for dry, thirsty skin. With essential oil notes of lavender, bergamot and clary sage, this moisturizing body butter provides a soothing aroma to your body care routine.

  • Why customers love this product

    Not only is this Hemp Body Butter super moisturizing, but it's also convenient.

    Backpack, camping, travels of all sorts (even if that travel takes you to the local pool or to your bedside table.

    Lasts a long time and smells great while leaving skin soft and smooth.

  • What's inside

    Beeswax, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils for scent

  • Customer Reviews


    "I used this amazing lotion every time I go to the pool. I leave it in my gym bag and bought a second one for home."

    "Love the no-spill formula."

    "My skin is super soft."

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