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Once upon a time,

. . .there was a mom and a screaming little boy with super itchy skin.

Really! That's what precipitated the beginnings of made for SKIN.


In the Canadian prairies, a mom embarked on a quest to find the perfect solution for her son's winter eczema. Tired of sticky creams that smelled like a flower garden and cost a fortune, she knew there had to be a better way.

Armed with determination, she delved into the depths of research, seeking a natural remedy that would soothe her son's delicate skin. And that's when she stumbled upon the remarkable power of Hemp Seed Oil. It was like discovering a hidden treasure! (Do you know Cleopatra was rumoured to use Hemp Seed Oil as part of her beauty ritual?)

Determined to put her newfound knowledge to the test, she spent hours every evening mixing up batches of soothing butters and Hemp Seed Oil. Armed with the original recipe used by Dr. Cliff, she became determined to make it even better. She gently applied the Hemp seed oil to her son's skin, and like magic, it worked wonders. The dryness vanished, the irritation soothed, and her son's smile returned.

Inspired by this transformative experience, she knew she had stumbled upon something truly special. With a spark of creativity and a passion for crafting natural skin care products, Lana founded made for SKIN – a brand dedicated to creating lotions and washes that were pure, effective, and affordable.

Gone were the days of overpowering floral scents and sticky residues. Lisa harnessed the restorative power of Hemp seed oil as the foundation of her creations, blending it with carefully selected ingredients to create perfect harmony for the skin.

Word spread like wildfire about this amazing silky lotion as well as inventive products, such as her Solid Relief. People from all walks of life embraced made for SKIN as their go-to skincare brand. It wasn't just about treating dry skin anymore; it was about embracing a natural, trendy, and effective skincare ritual.

And so, the story of made for SKIN continued to unfold, with Lana at the helm and her boys by her side, she created products that brought relief to countless individuals. From that moment on, customers knew that natural skin care could be both luxurious and affordable.

So, if you find yourself seeking a skincare oasis, remember the tale of a little boy with itchy skin and his mom's incredible journey. Embrace the magic of made for SKIN, where nature meets innovation, and let your skin revel in the goodness it deserves.

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