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Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant | made for skin natural skincare products

Aluminum Free Solid Deodorant


A gentle and effective solid deodorant stick that's formulated without aluminum for those with sensitive skin. This invisible formula glides onto skin, without transferring onto clothes and naturally neutralizes odors for all-day odor protection.


A great alternative to sticky creams, wet sprays or messy powders.


Goes on dry for all-day odor protection - without aluminum.

  • Why customers love this product

    Say goodbye to smelly pits and hello to freshness with our Aluminum Free Deodorant!

    Our deodorant is made with natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals and aluminum.

    It provides long-lasting protection against body odor without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling. Plus, its light and pleasant scent is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

    With our clear, solid formula that goes on dry, you can keep your underarms smelling great all day long.

    No messy creams, drippy sprays or sticky pastes.

    Try it today and see the difference!

  • What's inside

    Deionized Water, Salt Fatty Acid (Sodium Stearate), Castor Oil, Salt Mineral, Chamomile Flower Extract, Aloe Leaf , Grapefruit Seed Extract, Optiphen (<0.01%), Organic Essential Oil for fragrance.

  • Customer Reviews



    "Can you love a deodorant? I do now!"


    "I'm placing another order for this deodorant today. I have not found anything that's better and I've officially run out!"


    "I love your deodorant. I don't like the idea of using aluminum products and yours is the only solid that goes on dry and keeps me from stinking up my office."


    "I know deodorant isn't a sexy product, but my underarms are so soft and smooth since using your deodorant. Even shaving is easier because my skin is in better shape. I didn't realize how much better they'd feel, I was just happy that it worked so well at stopping odour. My fav? The Green Tea scent."

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