Shower Bombs and Shower Steamers

Hydrotherapy with Organic Essential Oils

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Small but powerful. These amazing little bombs are designed to be used in the shower for a full aromatherapy steam in the shower. They are convenient to use and you can even drop one in the bottom of the shower for your morning routine!

We love colour but not added in our products. No dyes added. We hate stained tubs and towels and why add it when the product is great quality on its own?

Find your favourite Shower Bomb - buy them to give or to keep, either way they are amazing little treats in the shower.


Stressful days can happen when you least expect it – and when they do you never seem to have time to take care of yourself.

We crafted our Shower Bombs – or as some call them Shower Steamers – to give you an easy way to treat yourself to a little pampering.

Sometimes we all just need to take some quite time and take a deep breath. That is why we have infused each Shower Steamer with a special blend of Organic Essential Oils. Choose any of our 3 creations to either energize, clear your breathing or to relax before bed.

An all natural way to experience the benefits of essential oils in a convenient shower.

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