Orange and Patchouli Mineral Body Polish | made for SKIN

Body Polish - Orange + Patchouli

An ultra fine mineral salt blend infused with pure essential oils for an exfoliating skin polish that leaves your skin smooth and your senses invigorated   Our BODY POLISH was formulated out of our love of Spas. Dry Brushing or Salt Scrubbing is a process that allows you to remove dead skin cells gently. We finely blended our proprietary mix of mineral rich salts and infused them with pure natural essential oils. The result? An amazing product that leaves your skin smooth and a burst of aromatherapy when the water hits your skin when you rinse the  with water. #exfoliation #natural #skincare #essentialoil #beauty
  • Why it's great...

    A little goes a long way! Our finely blended mineral powder is infused with essential oils to give you a body exfoliating experience. Gentle shower exfoliation with essential oils of Orange, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Rosemary.