You have built your business and reputation over the years and now may be the right time to venture outside the lines and create a natural skin care line for your brand. But where in the world would you begin?


Often for Spas, Salons, Hotels, Resorts and Private Clubs or Gyms Private Labeling is the right choice for them. Establishing a connection with your brand’s name and your customers is essential to all private labeling programs. When you already have the eyes of customers and travelers you have the perfect opportunity to capture their interest in your own branded label of skin care.


Resorts and Spas are two categories of private labeling programs that have seen success. The other is with home-grown stores that have built a reputation and following with their local customers. If you are not interested in establishing a production facility, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, bottling and labeling – then private label is for you.

Private Labeling Services for Spas, Resorts and Small Businesses

For the last seven years, made for SKIN has built a business that services private label customers in the Resort and Spa verticals and is continuously growing. “We have seen an enormous interest in private label products from the plethora of Resorts and Personal Day Spas that have grown in popularity,” says owner/founder Lana Abbott. “We have found a niche in catering to the specific needs of each client. They don’t choose from a preset menu of items; however, we listen to what their specialty is and develop the direction that is right for them.” If a client wants to rebrand an awesome product of ours or has a special idea in mind, we look to work with all requests.


So how do businesses decide if it’s the way to go for them? It starts with a call. “Speaking with clients often helps them work out any questions or concerns they may have about entering into a private label venture. And each time, I hear how surprised they are to find out how affordable it is to get their own brand name on a quality Canadian product.”


MADE FOR SKIN’s founder has assembled a list of advantages of going ‘private label’.

1. Private label skin care products are designed with ‘that’ customer in mind, so you are not competing with the resort or spa in town because the brand label is yours alone.

2. You deal directly with MADE FOR SKIN for all design requests. That means logo, scent and packaging has input from the client.

3. With private branding, you create your own unique image, which creates a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty. Think Instagram and Facebook posts of ‘your’ products.

4. Specific private label products are available only from the client - that is to say, customers can't go onto another website or into a store and find the specific private brand product name that you have.

5. It is YOUR "brand" name that is identified with the product. So, the XYZ Resort salts your customers love so much – they know they can only get them from you!

6. Private labels make it harder for competitors to match and price check similar products.


If you have been thinking about creating your own product with your specific look or just have questions, contact MADE FOR SKIN and we will help you figure out if private label is right for you. Contact us for more info. | Lana Abbott founder/owner |

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