What to look for in a Natural Deodorant

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Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

While most people use the terms antiperspirant and deodorant interchangeably, the two are not the same. Antiperspirants work by preventing your body from producing sweat, where Deodorants allow sweat but block odour. Deodorants do this by killing the bacteria that cause odour.

From a purely natural standpoint, it makes more sense for us to use deodorants, as it is a more natural process.

None of us wants to smell bad, and we often look for personal care products that keep us fresh as well as looking our best. Unfortunately, most daily care products that offer sweat and odour protection also contain aluminum as an active ingredient.

However, aluminum is also a known neurotoxin. Aluminum-free deodorants are perhaps the best alternative, and these products are growing considerably in both availability and number.

Deodorants that contain aluminum probably also contain synthetic fragrances and other ingredients you may also find concerning.

Many people fear using products with aluminum because they believe use can be linked to Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Bone Disorders, and Kidney Problems.

What to look for

Aluminum-free deodorants should consist of essential oils and all natural ingredients. Aluminum free alone may not be enough as some aluminum-free deodorants are still high risk, according to the Environmental Working Group, and can contain chemicals like triclosan. Triclosan is perhaps one of the greatest endocrine disruptor in deodorants, so try to avoid it. There are also petroleum products used to form a base that can be concerning.

That is why we took years to work with local producers of a vegetable (bio based) ingredient that we blend with natural ingredients and extracts that forms a solid that goes on clear and dry.

Our FRESH and SPORT brand aluminum free deodorant also contains Natural Salt Minerals, Natural probiotics, Chamomile extract, Aloe Leaf Juice, and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

The take home

With the amount of information available to consumers today it is important to make the right decision concerning your health and the health of your family.

Our solid formula deodorant lasts a long time, works great for active people, men and women and leaves a smooth clean feeling.

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