DIY Hand Sanitizer Gel - 4 ingredients

There has been a lot in the news about protecting ourselves against the spread of germs. And we really do need to take notice of all we can do.

1. Hand Washing - proper hand washing is not overrated. It is, and has been, an easy way to help prevent the spread of disease. Washing after you use the bathroom, before and after you prepare food, when you return home and anytime you feel you should.

2. Avoid touching your face - It's a good idea to get into the habit of not touching your face. Eyes, nose and mouth. Keeping your hands away along with washing them is a great barrier and method to avoiding spread of germs.

3. Use a Hand Sanitizer Gel with Alcohol - You can always buy a Hand Sanitizer Gel at the store; but I wanted to share my personal recipe I use with my own family.

Watch. Enjoy. Share.

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