Exfoliating: A Winter Skin Necessity

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Beauty experts agree that every season usually brings about a change in your skin care needs, so it stands to reason that it can also bring about a change in your skin care products. And natural skin care products are a great choice.

After a season in the sun, your skin can become flaky and dry as we head indoors to artificial heat (and maybe a few extra long baths). This can make your skin look dry and older than it is.

How to make your skin look younger?

The healthier your skin is – the more youthful it will look and feel. Smooth soft skin is the hallmark of younger skin, and what many of us strive for.

One great change you can make in your daily skin care routine is adding an exfoliation product. But not just any product. Find one that is natural and does not contain plastic beads or harsh peach pit shards. These not only damage our environment when they end up in our water system, but they can be extremely damaging to your skin.

Also, find one that can offer something more than just an exfoliation to your skin. Added essential oils or butters and oils can go a long way to leaving your skin invigorated, smooth, soft and glowing.

Why would I use a different exfoliator for my face and body?

Simply put, your face needs a gentler exfoliator than, let’s say, your legs. Removing dead skin cells than can clog your pores and block key moisturizers from penetrating your skin’s surface is the final goal. A good guide is to find an exfoliator with smaller particles that dissipate slowly as you use it.

Why are MADE FOR SKIN’s exfoliators great to use on your body?

Each product is formulated and used by our developers to make sure you get the best quality product we can produce. We test, and retest, each product to make sure than when you use it at home you are getting a high-quality product for your spa at home.

What exfoliation products are best for my skin?

We recommend the following exfoliators for your face, lips and body.

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