Detox Your Home This Winter

DIY All Purpose Natural Kitchen Spray

We take such great care in what we use on our body and what we eat, however, when it comes to our bathrooms and kitchens it can be another story.

When a number of customers were asked they all said the same thing. "I use what I have always used."

It is simple to switch things up and try a natural approach to cleaning our bathrooms and kitchens and the ingredients are closer than you think.

Four great products go a long way to your cleaning routine. Baking Soda, Vinegar, Lemon, and good old hot water.

Here are two cleaning recipes to help get you started.

Natural Cleaner for your shower head.

Natural Shower Cleaner

Add sliced lemon peel to an empty spray bottle and fill with white vinegar and let sit for a couple of days before using. Then when you are ready to clean your shower head, fill a plastic bag with the white vinegar/lemon mix and secure the bag around the shower head nozzle so that the shower head is immersed in the vinegar mix. Leave on for a few hours. When it is time to remove, do so slowly and the vinegar liquid can be poured down the drain. Run your shower head to rinse and it should be free of hard water residue.

* Always check with manufacturer before using a cleaning product on your shower head.

Natural Cleaner for your garburator and sink.

Natural Cleaner with Lemon

Again lemon is going to be your friend. First sprinkle baking soda on sink surface and used a lemon wedge or slice to rub the surface of the sink. Spray with vinegar mix in spray bottle and rinse with clear water. For the garburator you can either add sliced lemons to the garburator and run the garburator while cold water streams from the tap. Alternatively, you can freeze lemon slices in ice cubes and add them while running the garburator under cold water.

Your on your way to a fresh and simple house cleaning routine.

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