Foot Butter - Soothe Dry Cracked Feet

Foot Butter - Sooth Dry Cracked Feet | made for SKIN

There is no reason you need to suffer with dry, cracked heels or itchy feet ever again with the best FOOT BUTTER in Canada.

Our solid ultra foot moisturizer in a convenient tube is your answer. Just pop the top, swipe and pure, natural moisturizer is where it needs to be.

Formulated with the best ingredients that were specifically chosen to target the dry, cracked skin on your feet.

Moisturizing butters that soothe your dry skin, beeswax to protect and seal in moisture ingredients and essential oils that help ease foot discomfort and fight odour.

Use before bed and slip on a pair of socks to create a Foot Spa in your sheets or use after a bath for instant moisturizing.

Easy to travel with so you can bring in on the plane, to the cottage, to the gym or leave it at home.

As always our products are made in Canada for awesome skin care you can trust. Order online for secure, convenient shopping delivered directly to your door.

Pure. Honest. Ingredients.


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