Summer Skin Care Tips: Follow These Tips for Radiant Skin

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is a great time to shed some layers and enjoy the warm, mild weather. Being active or snoozing in a hammock are common past times that help us enjoy the summer.

Summer can; however, mean extra time in harmful rays and being active in the warm temperatures can cause sweating that clogs our skin pores.

Moving to a holistic skin care routine is a great place to begin. Pure ingredients and a gentle daily routine are ways to help brighten your skin and keep it looking its best.

Let's start!

Putting together a great skin care routine is as easy as logging on to

1. FACE CARE Products

Your face is your window to the world, and the one part of our bodies that customers focus on first. MADE FOR SKIN offers only gentle products that you can select to use on your face. If we had to chose 3 key products to recommend for summer skin care routine they would be our Face Polish, Day Moisturizing Cream and Aloe Face Toner.

These three products are formulated with the best natural ingredients, contain no alcohol and no fillers.

2. BODY CARE Products

Exfoliation and Moisturizing are two key components to protecting your skin in the summer. All natural exfoliation is the best choice for your skin. As well, avoid ones with harsh fillers (like pulverized fruit pits or plastic beads) and look for all natural formulations. Our Body Polish delivers on all of those basics. Keeping our product natural, gentle and good for your skin is why it has become such a popular product in our store. Following up with our Hemp Hand and Body Lotion or our Hydrating Body Cream are essential to giving your skin a healthy glow.

And let's not forget our pits! Sweating is a natural body function and essential to keeping our skin healthy. Unfortunately many products being used can be toxic to your skin and system. That is why we love our FRESH ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT clear, smooth solid that goes on dry. Aluminum Free, Free of Dyes, No Triclosan - and it works. It has been a top seller in our store since we introduced it to our customers. Try it today and you will be sold.


Avoid sunburns and excessive exposure to harmful rays, stay hydrated with clear fluids and have fun. Nothing says beautiful like a great smile.

Why do our customers love MADE FOR SKIN care products? For one thing, they work to keep skin soft and protected. All of our products are made in Canada and that is quality you can trust. Canadian made and loaded with natural ingredients. No fillers and no fear of duty charges or overpriced conversions. Buy Canadian and stay smooth!

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