Dry Summer Skin Solution from MADE FOR SKIN

Yes, you can get dry flaky skin in humid summer months. But how do you avoid it? Or, if it’s too late, how to you soothe dry itch skin?

The answer: With quality skin care products. 

MADE FOR SKIN has a line up of simple products with high quality ingredients that will soothe, protect and relieve dry skin. 

EXFOLIATE This is so important. Removing dull, dead skin cells allows your skin to absorb moisturizer better. But avaouf harsh exfoliating products that scratch the surface of your skin. This microscopic cuts don’t help your beauty routine! 

Instead opt for all natural ingredients that are designed to slowly dissolve as you use them. Even though ground seed pits are natural they hurt your skin. Would you use sand paper on your face?

MADE FOR SKIN Face Polish gives you a soft exfoliating experience and leaves a glowing surface ready for moisturizing. 

MOISTURIZE & HYDRATE We can’t say it enough.A high quality moisturizer will make a difference the first time you use it. MADE FOR SKIN Face Creams and Body Moisturizing collection gives you options for everyone and every type of dry skin. From mildly dry to cracked and peeling skin. 

Order online for hassle free delivery and start feeling smoother faster. 

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