Got Dry Skin? 3 products that help ease the itch.

Dry Skin Solutions | natural skin care products by MADE FOR SKIN

After the long dry, cold months through this winter, your skin may be suffering from indoor heat, the wind, cold, and, for those of us in Winnipeg, ice and snow.

Not only can colder temperatures leave your skin dry, but it can also cause irritated skin to have a dull appearance and those fine lines become even more noticeable.

MADE FOR SKIN natural skin care products are toxin free, phosphate free and dye free making them a great option for soothing skin care moisturizing that feels great and smells great.

3 of my favourite skin care products to relieve dry skin itch are ones that have stood the test of time and our customers.

1. NATURAL SKIN BALM - Our family recipe was initially conjured up by a doctor who used it on his family as well as patients. It was passed down and after adjustments to the formula base to make it more natural, we came up with our Natural Skin Balm. This little powerhouse moisturizing balm is tough on dry skin but the rich skin friendly butters and oils help soothe and restore moisture to dry skin, along with aloe and bees wax to help protect and soften skin.

2. HEMP HAND AND BODY LOTION - Our original formula has been working to keep customers soft and smooth for over a decade and pure essential oils give our lotion great scents our customers love! Non greasy, absorbs to soften and will not leave your skin feeling clogged or sticky like some big name brand lotions you may have been using. Feel the difference after the first time you use it.

3. BODY POLISH - Exfoliating is a key part of my skin care routine because it removes dead skin cells that can clog pores and leave your skin with a dull appearance. Our trademark fine mineral salt blend is infused with essential oils that, when rubbed into your skin, are released to give your skin and senses an aromatherapy treatment right in your shower or bath. The fine salts gently exfoliate as you massage them on the surface of your skin. 3 natural blends to choose from. My favourite? Neroli & Eucalyptus.

Exfoliate, moisturize and protect with great skin care with natural ingredients. Keep a healthy lifestyle with clean food and exercise and you will bounce into spring and summer looking bright and refreshed.

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