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STAND UP SPEAK UP | more than just apparel

Every now and again a message reaches down deep inside and touches you. It may be because it's a unique message, a message with a personal connection or a message worth knowing about.

Stand Up. Speak Up. is all of those things.

I have yet to come across someone who hasn't been touched by a struggle. Fear. Discrimination. Isolation. Sadly, there are just too many to mention. However, that doesn't let Stand Up Speak Up CEO-founder-inspiring leader, Karla Stephens-Tolstoy from spreading the message.

And What Is Their Mission?

"To raise awareness, reduce stigmas and encourage support for those who feel hurt, lost and forgotten."

Pretty damned awesome and it's only matched by the fact that Karla founded this amazing organization with her son, Zach, who seems to be following in his mother's altruistic footsteps. Creating acceptance while spreading knowledge is not a side gig, it's how these two live their lives.

Inviting change by creating conversation around topics that society has deemed taboo and that only works to promote stigma for those suffering is a consuming and emotional project, but Karla and Zach just keep on doing it!

I am one of the lucky ones to count Karla Stephens-Tolstoy as not only a Canadian business inspiration but as a friend and supporter of those less fortunate - and she does this all from the goodness of her soul. Stand Up Speak Up is truly an inspirational organization and it supports artists as well as spreads the much needed and essential message of acceptance.

This year the lead inspiration and driving force behind Stand Up Speak Up has been thrown into the ring that so many Canadian's have before her to fight a battle with cancer. [Stand Up Speak Up Cancer Blog] The news of this diagnosis hit so many of us with anger, fear and sadness - just like the news of cancer hits millions of Canadians every day. And we always ask ourselves what we can do to make a difference to those struggling in their fight against cancer. Karla; however, is tackling this the only way she knows how. With a decidedly positive attitude, stubborn fortitude, the mind of a CEO and the heart of a saint. She is using this opportunity to educate and grow a community of support in a wide reaching ways.

In addition to giving our support to Karla and her family, made for SKIN is enabling anyone who visits our site to learn about Stand Up Speak Up - with an easy link on our home page.

Stand Up Speak Up supports anyone who is struggling and we believe Stand Up Speak Up deserves all the support it can get!

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