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Natural Face Polish for soothing skin exfoliation this winter | natural skin care products | MADE FOR SKIN care products Winnipeg Canada

When the seasons change it is not just the environment outside that affects your skin, it is also the change inside our homes and workplaces that can cause damage to your skin.

A scarf can help protect you against the blistering cold wind; however, the drying air that is blasted through your home can dry your skin faster.

This is why customers will sometimes contact us and complain about their dry, itchy skin in the winter more than they do in the summer.

That's why we wanted to formulate a gentle exfoliation product that can be used on your face and neck. Leaving your skin soft and smooth is the objective of all exfoliation skin care products. Unfortunately some products can be harsh and actually scrape your skin to where it is red and raw!

"I don't understand why companies can offer a harsh product and suggest customers use it on their face knowing that it can harm them!" owner and founder, Lana Abbott often fumes at the ingredients she reads on products on the shelves in stores. "I will often read products that are displayed on store shelves and promoted at cosmetic's counters to see what is new and fresh in the market. There often are ingredients that are either useless fillers or are to harsh to include in a product meant for the skin!"

The price of these products can range from $50 to an astounding $200 for the promise of gentle natural skin care when the ingredients read anything but. That is why MADE FOR SKIN has formulated an all natural, pure, organic blend of silky smooth exfoliating ingredients that offer customers a gentle and soothing facial exfoliation at a great price.

MADE FOR SKIN believes it is worth the time and effort to source natural ingredients that are gentle, beneficial and even enjoyable for our customer's skin care experience.

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