All Natural Dry Skin Solutions

All Natural Skin Repair Balm | natural skin care products Canada | MADE FOR SKIN care products Winnipeg

Repairing dry, cracked, itchy skin is a lot harder than taking care of it from the beginning.

Treat your skin right with an all natural moisturizing balm made right here in Canada and formulated from a doctor's formula that has been working hard on dry skin for over 60 years!

Why it works?

Aloe Vera and Chamomile for Skin Soothing Benefits.

Natural Bee's Wax for skin protecting shield.

Butters and Oils for Skin Moisturizing Repair.

We get so upset when we read the ingredients on products that claim to heal working hands and feet because they are filled with processed chemical ingredients. What you put on your skin is absorbed by your skin. That's why we used natural ingredients in our Natural Skin Balm for a complete skin balm that protects, heals and softens skin.

And it's the all round balm for everything. HANDS, FEET - WHATEVER! Convenient 2oz jar makes it easy to bring with you in your purse, golf bag, gym bag, hockey bag, basketball bag, nursing uniform - well you get it.

Now find out how amazing our Natural Skin Balm is and get yours today!

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