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Anyone who has been to a SPA knows it is the most amazingly relaxing experience. Whether you have treated yourself while away on vacation or have found the greatest local SPA in your own city (see Winnipeg's SPA listings for a get away in town!) it is a trip everyone should make.

But what about those days that you just don't want to leave the house? Or those months when you have set a budget and are determined to stick to it?

Creating a SPA at home has never been easier with made for SKIN natural skin care products.

Our staff has put together a list of the ways you can create a great SPA at home with our made for SKIN products.

1. Set the mood! That means to dim the lights, and light a few candles. Reducing the visual stimulation while you are trying to relax can allow you to free up your other senses to enjoy the feel and smells around you. Find quiet, or if you prefer, load up your favourite playlist and tap your feet.

2. Assess what skin routine you have been ignoring lately. If you can focus on a part of your body that you have not included lately in your skin care routine you may feel the extra relaxation and release of stress and feel like you are being treated to a real SPA. For example, if you have had a rushed schedule and have not given your feet any love - then soak them in our FOOT SOAK SALTS infused with essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon. Your feet can enjoy the warm salt soak while you enjoy the aroma of the essential oil blend.

3. Try something new! Think of it like a SPA menu. Try a product that you wouldn't regularly use. You may find your next favourite skin care product and it will also give you something to look forward to leading up to the SPA night. A great idea would be to mix up one of our SPA MUD MASKS with an ingredient you haven't tried yet. If your skin is extra dry, try mixing our MUD MASK dry mix with either our HEMP LOTION or even mashed avocado!

4. Share the fun! Everyone loves being pampered so why not share the fun. Invite that special someone to enjoy a private FOOT SOAK or your best friend and you can mix up special MUD MASKS for each other while sharing a few laughs.

5. Turn off your phone! It is so important that you give yourself the time and privacy you would if you were at a SPA facility.

We hope you take the chance and start adding Friday SPA Days to your weekly routine, even if it is a bubble bath at the end of the day with our HEMP BODY WASH. Just make sure you create a SPA zone that you can relax in!

Happy Friday!

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