Simple Homemade MUD MASKS

Mud Mask Purifying and Detoxifying | natural skin care | made for SKIN

No matter what your skin type is (and it can change throughout the year) Mud Masks are a great natural beauty routine that anyone can add to their week.

WHY are Mud Masks so popular?

The natural mineral rich mud in our Mud Masks help absorb and pull excess oil from the pores in your skin.

Blackheads and dead skin cells are removed and your skin's tone is improved.

Not just for use on your face, Mud Masks can give great skin toning and cleansing benefits to your neck, back or anywhere you feel you need the extra benefit of a Mud Mask. We have even had clients use our Mud Masks for their hands for an amazing manicure!

HOW is our Mud Mask the best for everyone?

When we sat down to develop the perfect Mud Masks we each had a different thing we loved about Mud Masks and wanted to see in the Mud Masks we offered our customers. That is when we decided to formulate an amazing base that works well with every skin type and let our customers customize each treatment to suit their needs. Not only does this allow men and women to get just the Mask treatment they need, it also means the Mud Masks last longer and do not require any preservative. All natural Mud Mask!

WHAT do I mix with my Mud?

Basically the Mud Masks can be blended with anything you may have around the house. Water is the most common additive, others include honey, yogurt, avocado, pumpkin puree and even our amazing Hemp Lotion.

The choice is yours and you can get the Mask you need. Super Moisturizing for dry skin, Oil control for those prone to break outs and Brightening for those looking to improve their skin's glow.

Unlike overpriced competitors brands, our Mud Masks are 100% pure mineral rich mud blended with organic essential oils. All natural and no fillers - after all it is going on your face!

Don't be afraid to try something new in your skin care routine - and to make it even more fun share with a friend!

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