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How To Get Soft Lips Naturally Everyday | made for SKIN

Look through your best friends purse or your buddy's car and you're bound to find a lip balm rolling around inside.

It is the one natural skin care product that everyone has used at some point.

Like with most skin care products you get what you pay for here. Less expensive lip balms end up being jammed full of fillers and synthetic chemicals that do little to moisturize your lips. Some may even have toxic ingredients added for flavouring! Yuk!

All of our Natural Lip Balms are full of great ingredients from nature. That means NO fillers, synthetic chemicals, colours or toxic ingredients. Our flavours are all natural and are sourced from organic ingredients.

Hemp Seed Oil is great for skin and we started with this key oil in our recipe. The butters and vitamins all work together to give you simply the best beauty lip balm that anyone could use. Great alone or under lip colour for a smooth beauty routine.

Try any of our amazing balms today. But be prepared to want to try them all!

Hemp Bee's Wax Lip Balm: Mint, Chocolate and Cherry

Vegan Lip Balm: Margarita-Lime and Citrus-Mint

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