Why you should use Hemp Lotion

The Best Hemp Lotion available | natural skin care | made for SKIN

For too long consumers have been 'told' by big companies that their lotion is the best one for their skin.

Moisturizers are important, we think even vital, to skin's health and should be used every day.

The problem with most popular 'brand name' products is that the mass production and off site manufacturing can lead to decisions about ingredients that don't necessarily lead to the best lotion for customers.

Fillers and low quality artificial alternatives end up saving the company money but don't give the customer the best moisturizer for their skin.

We started this company because we saw a need that should be filled and wanted to provide a quality lotion and moisturizer that doesn't short change the consumer.

Our Hemp Lotion contains quality Hemp Seed Oil from right here on the prairies and is one of the top ingredients. (not #21 like some brands)

The light, silky feel of our lotion means it goes on feeling great and our quality butters and oils are formulated so it can be the best lotion/moisturizer possible. Now we have more scents available so everyone can find a lotion they love.

Hemp Hand & Body Lotion scents: Warm Pear, Green Tea, Vanilla, Lavender and Lemongrass

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