All Natural Sink Scrub Recipe

Natural Sink Scrub Recipe | made for SKIN blog

Keeping our homes fresh and clean is important - but we want to do it in the healthiest way possible!

Our staff secret is a simple mixture.

Baking Soda (aluminum free of course), Sea Salt, 10 drops of your favourite citrus essential oil, white vinegar to rinse, and 1 clean mason jar.

Mix Baking Soda, Sea Salt and 10 drops of your favourite citrus essential oil in a clean mason jar. Close the lid and shake until all ingredients are blended well.

Rinse sink with a bit of hot water then sprinkle your scrub mixture on the sink surface. Scrub in circular motion with a reusable sponge. Rinse with vinegar. Cost saving note: A spray bottle is perfect for this as you can get complete coverage with using less!

One last scrub of the sink surface and rinse with hot water.


You have a fresh smelling clean sink naturally.

Mix a large batch of the sink scrub to fill your mason jar so you always have scrub on hand!

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