The Oil Cleansing Method (and why you should do it!)

Cleansing Argan Face Oil | natural skincare | made for SKIN

We have a confession to make. Our new obsession is our CLEANSING FACE OIL with Argan.

Washing your face with oil is opposite of what we have been taught from a young age. For years we battered our face with bars that dried out our skin then followed with rubbing alcohol which did double damage!

Why? All in the name of good skin.

Our Total Body Wash and our Conditioning Bars have always been loaded with conditioning oils for our skin and no harsh cleansers are ever added. So it was a natural leap to giving oil alone a shot.

Even we were surprised how quickly we learned to love this cleansing method. We then shot out samples to some of our testers (men and women) and everyone gave us the same response. They loved it.


The basic concept is that oil, when massaged on the surface of the skin helps dissolve the oils that have hardened in your pores. Then when a warm damp cloth is laid on your skin and the oil is wiped off, the warmth and steam help remove all oil and dirt.

The fact is, oil dissolves oil, and it leaves your skin soft and clean.

There is also an added bonus. During the winter months skin can be extra dry due to the inside heat from cars, buildings and the cold wind. Adopting the oil cleansing method can help you keep your skin moisturized with natural healthy oils.

People with 'mature' skin also benefit. Just when you think you have surpassed any skin care issues, boom! there comes older skin. The oil cleansing method helps any dry skin that you may experience as your skin ages. The testers we had use the oil that were over 50 said they would never go back to washing their face any other way.

In case you are not sure about washing your face with oil (and we get it) we have two sizes available so you can test the waters so to speak.

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