Dry Skin? Soothing the itch of Winter - naturally

Dry Skin in the Winter. Tips for soft skin everyday | made for SKIN

Turtle necks, sweaters and long fuzzy pants. All super comfy and a great way to hide dry skin.

But why?

Don't hibernate yourself because dry skin is making the winter months unbearable.

We have some great tips and products that make your skin feel soft and smooth.

1. Lips. It is so easy to forget about your lips up they are up front and center in the elements. Dry chapped lips are more than uncomfortable and bothersome. Open cracks in your skin are always at risk for attracting unwanted viruses or bacteria. Why suffer when taking care of your lips is easy and fun.

Step 1. LIP SCRUB exfoliate with our natural, super moisturizing scrub that removes dead skin cells, loose dry skin flakes and because of the organic moisturizing skin friendly oils, leaves your lips soft and smooth.

Step 2 LIP BALM apply a protective barrier with our all natural HEMP and ALOE lip balm. No fillers (like the other guys) and goes on smooth, no waxy build up and is great under lip gloss and lip stick too.

2. Face. Keeping that wonderful winter glow without the dryness is a secret no more. With gentle exfoliation and super moisturizers at hand, your skin will be healthy and have a wonderful glow inside and out.

EXFOLIATE: your options are great. Our Polishes and Scrubs are rich in minerals and essential oils that give your skin a healthy glow.

DETOX: Mineral Mud with exceptional minerals, natural actives and blended with organic essential oils will help remove toxic build up on the surface of your skin allowing the beauty in you to shine out.

CLEANSE: using only gentle cleansers, like our HEMP and ALOE shower gel will remove dirt and oil and leave moisturizing oils that do not clog your pores. Have only warm showers and baths, and drink extra water too.

MOISTURIZE: no matter what your moisturizing needs, there are many options available. Light and quick absorbing HAND + BODY LOTION with hemp seed oil fits the bill for everyday use. But what about when you need more? No worries.

Our NATURAL SKIN BALM has been helping people moisturize, soothe and protect their skin for over 60 years, and it is still going strong. When you are out for a run, walk or your skin is exposed to harsh elements (work, water, wind, etc) this balm shows no signs of stopping.

also.....our HYDRATING BODY CREAM is a luxurious whipped body cream that leaves your skin silky smooth and ready to be touched. Great after a bath or shower.

SOLID LOTION is great for those on the move. Great for traveling or gym bag with it's no spill solid formula. It is still loaded with skin softening oils and butters that love to help you skin.

What ever you chose, keep it real. Our products contain great ingredients from nature and no fillers. You get what you pay for. Inexpensive products at your grocery store are cheap for a reason. Chemical fillers and petroleum based lubricants that just make you think your skin is soft. Don't be fooled.

Our products last a long time, because a little goes a long way, so you really end up spending less on your skin care. And we are Canadian - so we know dry skin in the winter.

check us out - your skin will thank you.

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