KISS dry, cracked lips goodbye this year with NATURAL LIP SCRUBS

Natural LIP Scrub | made for SKIN | natural skin care healing oils and vitamin E

KISS dry lips goodbye with 4 great LIP SCRUBS

This is one skin care routine that both guys and girls should latch onto – now!

There is no better time than the drying winter months to try our highly moisturizing (and tasty) lip scrubs!

Filled with moisturizing oils and Vitamin E – our LIP SCRUBS do more than remove the dry layer of dead skin cells on your lips. The oils moisturize your skin deep and the Vitamin E helps keep your lips healthy.


Your lips will simply be healthier.

When you scrub your lips, you will bring out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth, and healthy.

Exfoliate your lips and they will be smoother (for gloss, lip stick or balm), your lips will be moist and help prevent cracked lips, and you can help avoid chapped lips all winter long!

Just a little dab will do you. Rub in small circular motion and as the scrub gently and slowly dissolves you are left with soft, smooth lips. Follow with any of our great natural LIP BALM MOISTURIZERS and the only thing left to do is PUCKER UP!


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