Can Healthy Feet get Toenail Fungus

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Can Healthy Feet get Toenail Fungus? Yes.

Nail fungal infections are commonly caused by a dermatophyte fungus. Molds can also be the cause of nail fungus infections.

What are fungi?

Fungi are microscopic organisms (too small to see with the eye) and they do not need sunlight to survive. Because of this, they are common in (and live in) warm, damp conditions like swimming pools, showers and steam rooms. Because they are so small, they can enter your nail bed through a very small separation between your nail and nail bed. Yuck!

Nail Fungi are not only unsightly; they can cause problems.

Nail fungus is more common in toenails because your feet are more often in dark, warm, damp areas (like your shoes).

There are environmental factors that can increase your risk of developing nail fungus. Things like if you have sweaty feet, work in an environment where your feet get wet and stay damp, if you wear socks and shoes that do not breathe, if you are in pools and gyms, and if you have athlete’s foot.

You are also more prone to Nail Fungus if you have diabetes - because of reduced blood circulation and nerve supply to your feet. If you have diabetes and think you are developing a nail fungus, see your doctor immediately.

Any time you are concerned about a change in your nails in or skin, you should see your doctor.

After speaking with your doctor, you want to try and treat minor issues topically with essential oils there are some that are thought to help nail fungus because of their natural anti-fungal properties.








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How we do it ? Gently file and trim your nails (with clean instruments each time) and then apply the essential oil to the nail and the surrounding nail bed around 2 to 3 times a day. If you find your skin is sensitive to the essential oil (like Clove and Cinnamon) you can dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil of your choice.

Another thing that many people have tried with success is adding an essential oil blend to a foot soak.

By looking after your feet, you are not only helping rid your sensitive skin and nails of unwanted bacteria but you are keeping a close eye on them at the same time, thereby noticing any changes.

And why are we concerned with nail fungus at made for SKIN? Because we have had it. Having runners on staff – we have heard it all with regards to foot and nail problems.

We developed our Foot Soak Salts with essential oils of Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon to offer a soothing foot soak with the anti-fungal, relieving and disinfecting properties to help you have healthier feet.

We only use Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for the best results possible. We have had requests to sell some of these oils to our customers. We responded with offering Orange Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

Always see your doctor for advice on changes in your skin or nails, and to give your feet and nails the best chance at staying healthy use any of our Foot Care products on a regular basis for healthier, softer and happier feet! Our products smell great, feel great and use ingredients from nature that work!

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