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Does it really matter if we use products with phosphate?

What's the big deal?

What is phosphate anyway?

At some point we field a question like that from customers. They love that our Body Wash is Aloe rich and has healing properties of Hemp Seed Oil - but they are not so clear on the 'phosphate thing'.

"That's okay," - says Lana Abbott, of made for SKIN. "It's not always easy keeping track of things that may be in our products. Food, Cleaners, Clothes. You name it - there is always something we should be / or want to be avoiding."

Phosphates are inorganic compounds that have been used in detergents or plant fertilizers. They have been used in skin care products because they control the pH in cosmetic products and even act to prevent deterioration in these products. Unfortunately phosphates also have harmful effects on our lakes, rivers and fresh water systems.

Products we use at home end up in the water system through our city wastewater systems. And although phosphates act as a plant nutrient - when the level is too high it throws the water system out of wack. Algae grows faster than it should and it chokes out the healthy part of our water ecosystem.

Using ingredients like Aloe Gel, Hemp Seed Oil, Chamomile, Willow Bark, and great essential oils, allows us to offer a superior Body Wash with no harmful effects on our water system.

The added bonus - your skin feels softer than ever. Customers with excessive dry skin (like Rosacea and Eczema) have found relief using our Body Wash.

Use our Body Wash and find out how easy it is to have softer, cleaner skin AND be eco-friendly!

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