Pimples on your Back? We get it!

clear skin on your back | TOTAL BODY WASH | MADE FOR SKIN

Except for your hands and feet, you can get pimple or acne breakouts anywhere on your body. Most products focus on easy access to washing your face and using face toner.

But what about the rest of your body?

A common area for breakouts is the back. Sweating, sports equipment, back packs can all contribute to breakouts. The worst part is you may not even see them starting. You may only notice when they start to irritate you or someone points it out in the locker room.

There are different degrees to which people will have pimples. From simple small breakouts to full coverage of painful acne and that could mean different treatment options you need to consider. The one bit of advice we can offer is to not forget to wash your back. Simple but effective.

Keeping your skin free of oil, dirt and sweat buildup means you will be keeping your pores free from particles that can clog them - which leads to breakouts. Your best bet is to use a body wash that can help treat your skin's breakout issues while not drying the surface.

Our Total Body Wash does just that. We focused on two ingredients (Aloe and Hemp Seed Oil) and formulated a moisturizing wash free of harsh dyes, chemicals and phosphates to give you a body wash that does more than just smell great.

Aloe works to soothe your skin and to help it heal. Aloe has been used for years to treat many skin care ailments and there is a reason. It works. You can feel the soothing texture of our Body Wash as you lather and massage it into your skin.

Hemp Seed Oil is also very important in the treatment of healthy skin. Rich in Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids that are important in maintaining healthy skin, it has anti-inflammatory properties, is moisturizing and also rich in Vitamin E and A. We have found that skin looks and feels better with regular use of our Total Body Wash.

Use a gentle cloth (or soft brush) to reach your whole back area and gently massage into a lather and then rinse.

Did we mention it smells great?!

Hemp + Aloe BODY WASH | made for SKIN

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