Get a great night's sleep with a quick Leg Massage...and Peppermint Leg Lotion

Organic Peppermint Leg Lotion | made for SKIN

Regular evening massages of your leg muscles - specifically your calves - can help you to a better night of sleep.

That's right. If you regularly treat yourself to a gentle massage to your calf muscles before bed, you are giving yourself a better chance at a great night's sleep.

The benefits of massage are known to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The improved circulation helps your body move fluids, gases, blood cells and nutrients through your body and keeps any of these things from building up in an area of your body. Many people have said that their calves are where they feel the most tension and discomfort in the evenings.

If you worked out at the gym, walked the dog, or spent the day working at home - your body needs relaxing at the end of the day.

So how does a leg massage help you sleep?

Leg muscle aches and pains can lead to an interrupted night of sleep. Pain and discomfort can keep you from falling asleep or may even wake you up. When you wake from an unsatisfactory night of sleep, you are not as productive the next day, you feel sluggish and then are likely to repeat another sleepless night.

When a gentle calf massage can help alleviate a restless night - why not give it a try. Improve your chances for a better night's sleep with Organic Peppermint Leg Lotion by made for SKIN. The relaxing Essential Oil blend will relax your senses and incourage deep smooth breathing for a restful night.

Sweet Dreams!

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