Eczema Skin Care tips for the Winter

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Is the cold winter weather making your eczema scream out for help?

Only those that have experienced eczema know it is more than 'dry skin'.

The dry air and harsh cold temperatures both wreak havoc on your skin. Either one - or both - can trigger a rash or flare up and cause pain and aggravation.

Here are some tips to help you cope with eczema in the winter months:

1. MOISTURIZE each and every day. Keeping moisturizer nearby to reapply throughout the day is a great idea. You may need to adjust your moisturizer to a thicker whipped butter or balm for added moisturizing protection. ....check out our moisturizers

2. ADD HUMIDITY TO YOUR SPACE. Dry indoor temperatures zap the moisture from the air and cause your skin to loose precious moisture. Use distilled water and keep your humidifier clean.

3. GENTLE WASHING with moisturizing washes, rich in Aloe are great, to help cleanse without stripping your skin of protection. Use water that is not too hot as it only promotes drying out your skin. ....check out our cleansers

4. PROTECT your skin when you are outdoors. Wear gloves and cover exposed skin. But don’t overdress and cause your body to overheat and trigger sweat which could aggravate your skin. ....check out our NATURAL SKIN BALM

5. AVOID harsh detergents, clothing that itches and anything that you may be allergic to.

You know what works for you, and don’t hesitate to contact your doctor for treatment. Above all – be gentle on your skin and that means to use products free from harsh dyes, chemicals and ingredients that could irritate your skin.

Visit made for SKIN | skin + body care for products that are formulated to be gentle on your skin and the environment.

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