Be 'stink free' - the healthy way

Aluminum Free Deodorant | made for SKIN

Making natural skin care choices are not always that easy.

Sure we all WANT to be healthier and better to ourselves and the environment at the same time - but what are we willing to give up?

Sometimes that means a flavour of drink we have loved for years (before we realized what made that drink red). And when it comes to personal care products like deodorant - there is no way we are going to risk smelling bad.

"Oh, sorry I smell this way - but my deodorant is all natural so I am sure you won't mind...."

Not exactly the entrance speech you want to give at work.

We get it, and that is why when our made for SKIN Hand + Body Lotion and Body Wash were part of a great morning routine we decided to research adding a healthier option for deodorants.

Many people have a growing concern about the aluminum used in deodorants. Some feel that there is an increased risk of Breast Cancer in Women, Prostate Cancer in Men and even causes early onset of Alzheimer’s in people. When people are concerned about an ingredient that is included in everyday use products - it becomes a big deal.

When speaking with people, we also realized that in addition to wanting a healthier option for deodorant they did not want to walk around the house for 20 minutes waiting for a spray or cream to dry - and for them the crystal rock did not work.

We worked with a formula that naturally neutralizes odors with the use of a vegetable based compound. There are no harsh dyes added so it goes on clear, and because it is a solid, it is smooth and dry too!

We added essential oils that we think women, men and teens prefer and offer this great aluminum free deodorant for each of them.

Try one today and you too will see how you can be STINK-FREE by going ALUMINUM-FREE!

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