Do Beard Oils actually work?

The truthful answer is 'it depends on the oil you use'. Our MADE FOR SKIN Premium Beard Oil hydrates and conditions your beard and gives it a healthy shine, not a greasy look or feel. Because our Premium Beard Oil is made with only the best ingredients it also moisturizes the skin beneath your beard so you don't get itchy, flaky skin.

What is a traditional wet shave?

A traditional we shave is a Men's facial shave typically with a straight razor but always with a rich, moisturizing lather producing soap applied with a shaving brush. A hot cloth is applied to the face prior to shaving and again after the shave is complete. You don't need to use a straight razor blade to get a close, wet shave. Use a soft cloth soaked in hot water and apply to our face for a few minutes prior to shaving. Use MADE FOR SKIN's Classic Shave Soap and work into a rich lather with a shaving brush. Follow with our ultra moisturizing After Shave and you are ready to go.


Our CLASSIC SHAVE SOAP gives guys the lather they want to shave, and the soothing pH balanced ingredients their skin needs.  Gentle and great smelling, this CLASSIC SHAVE SOAP leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, and gives your blade the glide it needs for the best close shave you want.

Following up with our AFTER SHAVE BALM offers your skin a gentle moisturizer that smells great.

And for the guys that love a beard + mustache?  We offer a light and great smelling BEARD + STASH BALM that keeps your mustache and beard hair conditioned and a moisturizer for your skin underneath.

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