Lip Care

What does a lip scrub do?

A lip scrub is an important step to a natural lip care routine. Our 100% natural lip scrubs remove chapped, dead skin and helps your lips absorb the moisturizers and oils in our natural lip balm. Using 100% natural lip balms and lip moisturizers is an easy way to give your lips anti-aging skin care.

What is the best natural lip moisturizer?

Read the ingredients and avoid fillers. Many lip balms are sold with few natural, moisturizing ingredients. You don't want to have artificial colours or flavours either, as you do not know where they come from or how safe they are to use. Some people use straight Coconut Oil as a lip moisturizer, and as far as Coconut Oil goes, it's a great product. However, you want to look for a product that offers more lip soothing ingredients such as butters, oils and vitamins. MADE FOR SKIN lip balms and lip moisturizers are loaded with skin softening natural ingredients and - oh yeah - all our flavours are 100% natural and dye free.

Your Lips Need Skin Care Too!

It is easy to forget about your lips. Even the best skin care routine can overlook this overworked but extremely visible part of your skin. And when you have a Cold Sore, it not only can hurt it can make you want to hide your lips.

Pure blends of LIP BALMS/MOISTURIZERS are your easiest go-to product.

Kissing, eating, working or playing outdoors - basically everyday life - puts your lips to work.

Our all natural recipes for our LIP BALMS contain only pure natural ingredients to give you the best lip care - with NO FILLERS.

And when a little exfoliation is needed, our all natural, LIP SCRUBS offer a SPA like treatment for your lips.

When a Cold Sore strikes we have a soothing, soft formulation that will help keep your lips moisturized.

Our LIP BALMS come in a variety of all natural flavours, free of dyes and fillers. All natural organic beeswax is blended with pure oils and butters for the most amazing lip balm ever!