Relief for Dry, Cracked Hands, Feet - Whatever!

"Best lotion for my extremely dry skin."

Natural Skin Balm | Winnipeg | heals dry skin fast

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made for SKIN’s | NATURAL SKIN BALM is an intense hand cream that heals, relieves and soothes extremely dry, cracked skin.


Natural Skin Balm is formulated to deliver moisturizing directly to your skin’s surface with a specialized blend of natural oils, help seal in your body’s natural hydrating properties with pure Aloe Vera, gives your skin a barrier against the elements with natural Bee’s Wax and improve your skin’s hydration with regular use.

No artificial ingredients - just like you!

One product for Hands, Feet – Whatever! Making Natural Skin Balm a versatile hard-working hand cream for people suffering from dry, cracked skin.

Why it's great....


A renound physician/surgeon and an avid outdoors man, "Dr. Cliff" developed a product for use by his family and patients.  Dry cracked skin - whether from over use or exposure to the elements needed specific care.


A proprietary blend of medicinal ingredients in a soothing base gave the relief needed.


Harsh Winnipeg winters along with vigorous outdoor activities and hard work with his hands, Dr. Cliff found that regular use of his special ointment kept his hands, feet, face, elbows - whatever - in healthy shape.


Used for 60+ years to promote healthy, soft skin.