What does Hemp Lotion do?

Lotion with Hemp Seed Oil contains both Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are essential fatty acids that are great for your skin. Hemp Seed Oil also contains key amino acids that have been proven to help with skin's collagen and elastin. Also great for your skin! By using a Body Lotion and Moisturizer rich in Hemp Seed Oil you help your skin retain essential moisture and prevent wrinkles. Hemp Lotions, Moisturizers, Butters and Creams made by MADE FOR SKIN, use only the highest quality hemp seed oil and unlike other brands our Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed and from the Canadian Prairies.

HAND, BODY + FACE - the best moisturizers are here for you!


If you are looking for a light lotion, richer cream or solid butter - we have a great selection here.


Hemp Seed Oil is a key ingredient in our HAND + BODY LOTION. With scents from pure essential oils, your daily moisturizer becomes a pure luxurious feeling.  You will love our blend of moisturizing butters and oils.


Light enough to wear under make up and doesn't feel sticky in hot weather or while working outdoors.


If you want something thicker, our NATURAL SKIN BALM is perfect for Hands, Feet - Whatever!

It's our motto for a reason.  This all natural formula was developed by a doctor for his family and patients and is a great moisturizer. Tested in Canadian winters for true skin moisturizing need.



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