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Hi there, girls! We have almost made it to the end of January, which means we are closer to the end of winter (and winter dry skin)!

I know my videos and posts usually end up in my closet or bathroom as I do spend a lot of time there. I have always appreciated a good skin care routine; however, I started my skin routine with more discipline after I got diagnosed with Cancer. As with my body falling apart I want to keep my skin looking good and my brain working.

My cousin Lana sent me some of her skin care as a gift while I was in the hospital. We used the creams a lot but the face care sat in my room for a few months before I decided to give it a trial run.

Attached is a video how I use these products and how often. I keep this full kit in 4 bathrooms – my 2 bathrooms, Ana’s (she adopted the routine as well) Zach who does a few elements of it, and my mom uses much of it as well.

My skin care routine and the products I use from MADE FOR SKIN are below however equally important is using a Spinning Face Cleansing Brush (which you can find on Amazon).


My Evening Shower Routine includes the following products:


Cleansing Face Oil

Face Oil/Face Serum

Facial Polish – Mineral Brightening

Lip Scrub

Mud Mask

Body Polish


My Post Shower Routine includes:


Face Oil/Face Serum

Eye serum


1.            Face Oil/Face Serum $28.70. I use this daily because of the benefits to my skin, and it won’t make you break out or give you greasy skin. Face Oil/Face Serum helps reduce wrinkles, fights dry skin while protecting it with the vitamin rich oil blend and it helps get my skin ready for make up! 

2.            Face Polish $12.99. I also use this daily and I can because it is so gentle. It gives my skin a quick and gentle exfoliation for the day with the silky feel of the ingredients. It is soft, gentle and does not leave my skin scratched. Along with removing dead skin cells it helps promote circulation to my skin.

3.            Mud Mask $12.95 I love to indulge in a Facial Mud Mask 1 time a week. It gives me that detoxifying burst to get me ready for the week. It is easy to use and super gentle for all skin types.

4.            Lip Scrub $9.95 You know I love my lip stick colour so I want to take care of my lips. I use a natural Lip Scrub 2x a week and this jar goes far! Only a small amount is needed to give my lips a gentle exfoliation. I massage the scrub in small circles and the scrub slowly dissipates as I rinse. Free of dyes and harsh ingredients!

5.            Cleansing Face Oil $15.99 I use the Argan Cleansing Face Oil everyday to clean my skin because using the oil cleansing method has been a gentle way to remove dirt and make up from my skin. A small amount is massaged over my face and neck and then it rinses off with warm water leaving my skin soft and smooth.

6.            Eye/Brow Eye $11.50 This is also a great daily care product. I place a few drops under my eyes and dab it into the skin to give me a toning eye gel that moisturizes too. Also, I have learned that it is also used to set and style brows, even artificial ones.

My Skin Care Bundle totals $92.08 but it is now being offered to my Gal Pals for only $80.00


Along with a discount to you, 10% of all sales of my skin care bundle is going to Children’s Foster Care.

Follow the link below and you will be taken to a special order page set up for this special offer. Make sure to enter code ‘Circle10’ at checkout so you receive your discount and a donation is made to Children’s Foster Care.

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