What is the best natural facial cleanser?

Look for products that are free of harsh cleansers, phosphates, SLS, dyes and artificial scents. No mater which product you choose, use gentle actions when cleaning your face (don't scrub too hard) and pat your skin dry. You will always get the best results if you use a face wash or facial cleanser that you enjoy because it will make sticking to a skin care routine easier.

What can I use instead of face wash?

There are other options to cleaning your face if you do not want to use a traditional face wash (as awesome as they are). You can adopt the Cleansing Oil Method as a way to clean your face naturally and gently. Our Cleansing Oil is formulated with non clogging, non greasy skin friendly oils that clean your skin and pores and leave your face and neck smooth and soft. You could also try our Charcoal Bar. It is scent free and gently cleanses and detoxifies your skin, leaving it ready for moisturizing.

Face Care products that are gentle enough to use everyday!


Why? We use gentle ingredients that cleanse skin.


Your skin deserves to look it's best.


Our TONER is alcohol free and non drying.


Our FACE WASH gently lifts oil and dirt to avoid clogging pores.


Our TEA TREE SERUM is a clear, all natural gentle formula with tea tree, bergamot and aloe gel.


Tea Tree Oil is a popular ingredient for skin care so we have added a Tea Tree Stick to our face care line. Convenient and easy to use, you can put Tea Tree exactly where you want it to go!

Try a great new way to clean your face with Argan Cleansing Face Oil. A specialized formulation of key natural oils that actually attract dirt and oil from the surface of your skin and gently remove them, leaving your skin soft and clean. Follow with our silky, fine Face Polish for a soft, smooth finish every time.

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