Body Scrubs & Body Polishes

100% Natural Organic Skin Exfoliation

SHOP Gentle Scrubs & Exfoliating Products made in Canada

Are you looking for a skin care product that will give you softer, smoother skin? Well, look no further. Body Scrubs and Body Polishes created by made for SKIN, combine exfoliants, like fine mineral rich salt, sugar, and even organic finely ground coffee, with your favorite essential oils to leave you with skin that’s ultra-soft and smells amazing. We also blend ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter to ensure soft moisturized skin that you will definitely notice.

Take your shower routine to the next level with our amazing SPA inspired collection of Body Scrubs and Body Polishes. You can add any of our natural exfoliators to your existing skin care routine, making them easy to use whenever you want.  Each scrub is infused with natural vitamins and minerals from our quality ingredients that help you get the soft, glowing, moisturizined skin you want.

Gentle enough for everyday use! Breathe deep and enjoy the Organic blends of natural oils that can enhance your mood and mind, as well as your body.