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Why is there phosphate in bath products?

Phosphates are not a bad thing. In fact, our environment needs it. The problem with phosphates is that there seems to be too much being released into our environment over feeding the algae. As your soap, body washes and shower gels are washed down the drain and enter our water system (filtered or not) phosphates can be introduced into lakes and rivers and create an imbalance. Phosphates have been added to washes for their cleansing capabilities. MADE FOR SKIN uses naturally derived coconut to give you the suds and lather you love and our blend of natural ingredients like aloe, hemp seed oil, essential oils and vitamins leaves you clean - but leaving out the phosphates that have become a problem in our precious lakes and rivers.

Why just cleanse your skin when you can moisturize it as well?


That is what we asked ourselves when we formulated our Body Washes. Our Body Wash is rich with Hemp Seed Oil and upgrades your bath or shower into a soothing experience. Each bottle is infused with quality Organic Essential Oils and give you an aromatherapy experience.

Don’t let the amazing scents fool you – our products are designed to moisturize while they cleanse. So all you are left with is soft, clean skin every time.

And if you are anything like the staff at made for SKIN, sometimes a shower needs a quick shave too! Fear not – the Aloe Vera added gives our Body Washes the perfect formulation to double as a Shave Gel.  


Gently cleanse your skin with our super rich aloe and hemp seed oil formula soothes and nourishes your skin while leaving it smelling great.

And since the beginning we have always been Phosphate Free and Free of harsh dyes or any colours. Why mess with a great thing?

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