The perfect Baby Shower gift or a treat at any time.

Do you experience dry, itchy skin while you are pregnant? Try our ALL NATURAL Belly Butter.  A solid lotion with Carrot Seed Oil and Calendula Oil help soothe the itch that pregnancy hormones can bring an expectant mom. We designed this specialty lotion so it can be used as a massage lotion stick for anywhere on your body - not just your belly.

And when you are breastfeeding sometimes Nipples can become dry, sore and cracked while feeding. Our Organic Vegan Nipple Balm contains only natural ingredients and no added scents. Just apply as needed for soothing, moisturizing care.

For baby's bottoms we developed an all natural skin barrier cream that can be used for a diaper cream or even to sooth chaffing in hot dry weather.

Shea Butter, Bee's Wax, Soy/Candelilla Wax, Calendula Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Jojoba are just some of the great ingredients that go into these products.

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